Monday, 28 March 2011

Happy Sundays

Can't believe it's Monday again, already. The weekends go far too quickly and especially this one. We lost an hour! Well we all managed to survive Sunday without being too grumpy and are now looking forward to lovely long Summer evenings.

At the weekend we like to have a cooked breakfast,
using eggs from our hens.
mmm, Yummy Nutella,too. Wonder where she's picked up the habit of eating Nutella straight from the pot?

Our conservatory was finished on Friday, so we have begun cleaning up outside. After that we hit the garden and did a mega weeding session.
I just had to take a photo as I walked into the greenhouse, I love the pile of seeds and the eggs!

The girls have planted lots of things in the greenhouse, and they are starting to grow.
The polytunnel is finally being used to grow plants!
It's past uses include a soft play area, chicken house and rain shelter.
Our felt sad as the Snowdrops faded, but they are been replaced by a colourful display of Spring flowers.
We have a mixture of Daffodils.
Our first Bluebell

It's such a relief to see plants erupting from the ground. We are still not sure what to do with most of the shrubs, but it's looking as though most have survived!
Pretty pink Primulas
The Rhododendrons are just coming into flower,
Which reminds me, I must re-new my season ticket for Wentworth Castle gardens. The Rhododendrons and Camellia's are spectacular this time of year.
The Black Orpington's are back in a separate pen, once again!

Den building at the top of the garden.
And a trip to the garden centre to buy rope,
for the tyre swing!
Are you brave enough to have a go?


  1. We all love your tyre swing, I bet that will keep small people happy for awhile your end - well long enough to keep them away from the Nuttella anyway ;-)
    Lovely spring photos - I just love spring everything feels so new and suddenly alive.
    S X

  2. Hi, The kids are loving the swing. If you are passing through South Yorkshire, we offer a go on the swing in exchange for weeding!!!!!

    Nutella is fab, it cures everything, but be warned one spoon leads to another, and another...

    Bec x



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