Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Six New Sisters

We'd had a great day already, a fun Spanish lesson, learning about how Easter is celebrated in Spain,
and playing a Spanish version of 'Grandma went to market'.

When we got home, I was a little disappointed that there was no sign of tea, but Geoff had made other plans. First a chippy picnic at Wombwell woods.

And then as the sun went down, we collected six point of lay pullets.

One of the girls!

Snuggling like sisters do! As my three girls love to say.

Chickens safely tucked up and hopefully fox-proof.
Can't wait for our first eggs.

Friday 31st March -Chicken Update.
Last night the fox came and had a really good attempt at getting the chickens. We are going to keep them inside today and maybe move them to a shed.

If you have any good fox proofing tips, we'd really love to hear them, many thanks.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Macdonald's Monopoly millions

We were all feeling so tired today, I don't think we've adjusted to the clocks going forward. So after the girls skating lesson, we parked and walked along to Trans Pennine trail and went to Macdonalds. Comfort food was needed!

A new promotion has started at Macdonalds: 'Monopoly millions', so we began collecting the properties.
We were so excited to get Park Lane, half way there to £50,000. There is a very chatty assistant in our Macdonalds. Joking, I told her we were so near to winning the 50K.
And this is where today's maths lesson started ...
She explained to me and the girls how the game worked: there are 10 prizes of £50,000. So, there are loads of Park Lane tickets, but only 10 Mayfair tickets. Halfway in property isn't halfway in probability. Penny drops, a real eureka moment. I then got the girls to explain how the other property prizes would work.
I love home education, and I also love...

Creme egg McFlurry!

Monday, 26 March 2012

British Summer times begins...

Sunday, the first day of British Summer Time and it was a scorcher!

Off we went to Monk Bretton Priory, a hidden gem in Barnsley.

It's a really great place to visit, you almost forget you are in a town.

Not the sea views that you get at Whitby abbey, but not bad. And best off all, it's free to get into Monk Bretton Priory. It's an English Heritage freebie!

It's got one of the best preserved monastic drainage systems in Europe!

Which the kids explored.

But the clocks going forward and losing an hours sleep was a bit much for the men.


Exploring wells...
and staircases that go no where!



Butter wouldn't melt!

About two years ago we came on an archaeological dig, which was organised by Sheffield University. I would really recommend going to one of these if you get the chance, the kids got to dig, wash the finds, and sort them.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wentworth Castle Gardens

The weather forecast looked good, so we planned a trip out. Our season ticket to Wentworth Castle Gardens runs out soon.

The grounds looked slightly spooky!

This is 'Earls seat'. A stunning view point, but not today.

Thomas Wentworth called his mansion a castle. But it was not a real medieval castle, so in the late 1720's he built a motte and bailey castle at the highest point of his estate.

This is how it would have looked originally.

You can climb the restored castle, start at the bottom of the dragon's tail and follow it to the top...

There are national collections of Rhododendrons, Magnolias and Camellias.

They are just starting to come into bloom.

Although we couldn't enjoy the magnificent views today, I think it made us enjoy and see things closer at hand.

I loved this bracket fungus.

This is the winter garden, it first appeared on the restoration programme ten years ago. Funding has at last been secured to renovate it. Next month it will be taken down. It will return next year and open to visitors in Summer 2013.

It was built for William Thomas Vernon Wentworth.

When it was first built it was described as 'fairy like in nature'.

Finally the promised fine weather arrived.
Time for a quick go on the playground.

Back in our own garden...

Geoff and Rosanna planted potatoes.

and I did more weeding and pruning!

Springing into Spring

Don't forget to put your clocks forward!

Immy's blog

Imogen has started blogging again too!

You can visit her blog her, by clicking the link below.

Thank you

Friday, 23 March 2012

The good life?

After several months of neglect the garden was in a bad state. We've been busy doing jobs in the house, so jobs that should have been done in the garden through Autumn and winter got left.
When we finally ventured into the over grown wilderness, we really didn't know where to begin!
We both thought we could no longer continue with the garden,
but after a cup of tea, and a wonder around the garden, the tools came out and we started weeding here and there.

And after an hours weeding a day, for the past ten days, I've just about weeded the first bed. I've been digging up the grass and weeds and re-planting tubers and bulbs.
My favourite pretty pink flowers!
Geoff has started on the veg patches, potatoes are chitting in the conservatory

and young cucumber plants!
Can you remember our hens, Lady Gaga, Posh, Katie Price. Well, just before Christmas it turned very windy, so Geoff, put the hens in the poly tunnel.
and that's the last time we saw the hens!
Would have made a great headline for the News of the world!
A fox took all the hens in one go. But it didn't stop there it returned many time, ripping many holes in the poly tunnel :(
So hopefully soon, our garden will look like this again,
and we'll be well fed again!

So the good life is good, not perfect, but good!

Although I do know of one family, where the good life is perfect...

Perfectly well behaved children
well behaved pets
and perfectly cooked eggs.

Sometimes I wish my address was 5302 Grande Mansion, Playmobil World, but thankfully not that often!



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