Tuesday 27 July 2010

Fan mail

Imogen got a reply from Jacqueline Wilson. We are still waiting for Matt Smith :(

Addicted to digging!

A linear feature exposed, the experts investigate further.
Although we did get to do some more digging.

While we waited to get back in the trench we did more sieving.

More cuddles with Twink!
Finds washing and then recording. This involved recording what it was and where it was found.
The administration building. We got to look inside.
Tour of the priory, the childen had a map and had to find various places.

Third visit
On the third visit they had a small school group, so we were more organised!

Searching the spoil

Cuddles with Twink. Twinkle belongs to the cook, she is the most cuddliest dog I've ever met.
Then off to sieve the spoil

The sieving was really tiring and sometimes it was easier to look by hand.

Amazing what you can find in the sieve!

Get digging!

Day 1
Monk Bretton Priory was the site for an Archaeological dig. The site used to belong to the Talbots, who had connections with Mary Queen of Scots, it is believed that a medieval manor house stood on the sight. The archaelogists surveyed the site and found some interesting sites to investigate. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children and we made three visits to the site, to see the dig progress. One site was for the university students, post-docs and volunteers. The other site was for the community, but at critical stages we were not allowed to dig.
The children were taught to dig correctly, we had to dig one way, so we didn't create an historical looking ridge.
Jemima found medieval pottery.
Finds washing

The finds, pottery, glass, slate. These will be displayed in the new museum in Barnsley.

Friday 23 July 2010

Brodsworth Hall

During the Jume half term we went to a time travellers event based on the painting 'Dolphin off Amsterdam'. We didn't get to go in the house on the day, so It was on my list of things to do. Sunday was looking rainy so we set off to Brodsworth. We arrived and the sun came out and it was so sunny. Going in the house was not top priority anymore...

Tea and cake in Brodsworth church.

Chocolate biscuit for Rosanna

Playground next.
Off to listen to the brass band.
Perfect height for Rosanna to practise her walking. She can now do about 6 steps.
Finally we made it into the house. Reuben in the 'Dolphin off Amsterdam' exhibition.
Imogen reading the poem of the day.

Subway, time travel & arrows

After packing up the girls bedroom for moving, they were left with only a few things to play with. The bookcase quickly became a shop, but it was a bit random. Jemima thought that 'Mary Queen of shops' would not be impressed, so they made a cafe.
Jemima setting up her cafe, based on subway's.You can choose a slice of toast, a drink and a snack.

My order of 3/4 butter 1/4 jam toast (to share with Rosanna, not because I'm a difficult customer).

The kids then got into the empty wardrobe and time travel began...

Arriving in the medieval period.

Reuben riding a medieval horse, around the fire. The fire was used to warm up the arrows before shooting them from the window.
Girls making silver goblets since King James stole the gold.
Time to travel back to 2010 and carry on with the packing.



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