Sunday, 23 December 2012

Carols galore

On Wednesday, we went to Sheffield Cathedral to the 'carols galore' service.
Afterwards we had a wander around the cathedral, in the busy city centre, the peace and tranquillity in the cathedral feels very special.

 The Nativity scene.

 We lit candles and thought about the children who wouldn't be spending Christmas with their parents, the children in America who have lost their lives and April Jones, the little girl in Wales still missing.

 This is the new steel nativity scene, baby Jesus will arrive on Christmas day, and will be held by Joseph. Which is different from most nativity scenes.

I hope we get to go back to the cathedral to see the complete scene, 
with baby Jesus and wise men.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Young Apprentice

From the start of this series of Young apprentice, we've been cheering for Rotherham lass Ashley. Tonight Ashley won the final and £25,000.
Young Apprentice 2012: Meet Ashleigh Porter-Exley
We love her broad yorkshire accent and she is a great role model for girls in South Yorkshire, studying and holding down two jobs.
Yorkshire girls the world is your oyster, follow your dreams...

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Eye, eye (not a post for the squeamish)

Back in September my Mum found out she needed a cataract operation. When there was a eye health session in town this gave us opportunity to find out more...
We got to try on glasses to see how people with various eye conditions see the world.

 For someone with cataracts, it's like looking through very misty glasses.

 Reuben and Rosanna loved looking at the toys and books for visually impaired children.

 I then had a brain wave, we'd get some animal eyes from the butchers and dissect them. Not very Christmassy, but would finish off learning about eyes. At the butchers I wasn't expecting him to suddenly present the eyes for inspection, I screamed, bent double in a mixture of feeling faint and sick!
I took the eyes home (still feeling sick), not sure what to do with them.
When Geoff came home, he dissected the eyes, it was left up to the girls if they wanted to watch.

 The optic nerve.
I am amazed how much of it has stuck in Jemima's mind, 
she described it afterwards in great detail.

 Popping out the lens.

 Out comes the vitreous humour,
not sure what the (squashed) circle of pigment is

Finally turning the whole thing inside out to examine the retina, 
(while the other eye looks on in horror!)

I couldn't do the dissection, or even watch it, but it's been a great way of learning about the eye. They have plans to dissect a windpipe next!

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Back in September we visited York, we'd planned to have a day trip there and, despite the flood, we went ahead with our visit.
The River Ouse 

The water had been up to the window sill of this house.

Cholera Burial Ground
This site is for the burial of the 185 victims of a plague of Cholera
 which lasted from 3rd June to 22nd October 1832.

Ice cream and cuddles

The history of the city of York dates back to AD 71, 
when the Roman 9th Legion arrived and built a fortress to defend themselves.

St Leonard's Hospital
Built at the expense of John Romanus,
the building comprises a vaulted crypt with a chapel above.
At one time one of the largest hospitals in the North of England.

York minster
History part of the day complete, time to explore the shops...

Gorgeous little streets,  

 with fab shops...

One excited girl- LK Bennett screams Imogen!
We headed inside to see the LK Bennett Nudes - as worn by Kate Middleton!

And then Vivienne Westwood,
We went to a Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition last year 
and now love all things Westwood.

Love this photo of Imogen

Please Father Christmas, I'd love a pair!

Whoops, one bored Daddy and Jemima.
Sadly no more shoe shopping.

Onto the food fair

As usual, Imogen had a curry.

Time to have another look at the floods, 
before we caught the train home.

We'd had a great day out...

and felt sad to leave!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Lego Winter Olympics

We all know that the Lego minfigures enjoyed the Summer Olympics 2012

 The minifigures packed the stadium.

 The competitors did their best.

 It was a tense finish,

 But in the end there can only be one winner.

We were all very excited when the Lego Store opened in Meadowhall, Sheffield.
There's lots of great displays, quizzes, trails and a monthly free mini build.
 There's a huge box of lego and building plates, 
great for trying to re-create the Lego olympics.

 Synchronised diving


 Track events

 Long jump


 The cold December days have been great for the Lego winter sports,
 The kids made ice skates for the Lego minifigures,
and they hit the outdoor ice rink!




 'Ssshhh, don't tell Darth Vader'

 'Blunt skates'

Finishing the morning off with down hill skiiing.
(Frozen bowl of water, turned up-side down)


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