Monday, 31 May 2010

Map reading

We got the girls to follow the map as we drove and to tell us the roads we were on and any landmarks we might see along the way. We had had the map about 10 years, so on one road the girls were expecting to see a post office, it has shut down, but we could tell the girls were following the map!



We had a fantastic trip to the sculpture park, we used to have membership there and go often. We started in the outdoor area, kids exploring the sculptures, picnic and more outdoor sculptures and then to the 'underground' sky viewing area. It's inspired us to take pictures of the sky, hopefully we'll get to mix watercolours and paint sky pictures. We found out about the visiting artist in the visitor's centre. Then off to look at the work of David Nash. Finishing off with the nude men sculptures!

model making

Mima and Reuben got the craft stuff out to make models, Imogen joined in later and made a collage.

Poems in Wentworth castle gardens

A visit to Wentworth castle gardens to see the Rhododendrons in bloom. The kids loved tasting the nectar, we looked at symmetry in the flowers, and on the plant. Then upto the castle to read poems.

Formal stuff

Well Jemima seems to have focused on maths this week and Imogen on literacy. Imogen has been writing letters, post cards and a story. She also did an exersise to help her add suspense and excitement to her writing. Jemima has done lots of subtraction in various forms, finding the difference and counting up to give change, values upto £5.

Pasta with bacon and pea sauce.

The girls cooked a pasta dish this week at the ministry of food. Not our favourite dish, but still tasty.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Fan mail

Immy and Jemima began the day writing letters, Im to Jacqueline Wilson and Jemima to Matt Smith. Then off they went to the post office to post them.
Now begins the wait for a reply...

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Wentworth castle

Two visits at the weekend, fabulous colours and scents.
Reuben found a great picnic spot.

Wentworth castle


The girls mananged to 'grow' a moth from a caterpillar they found in the garden.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


The girls have a collection of pet snails which they race. They look after them by spraying them with water and the snails also have a cuttlefish, to make their shells healthy. The girls do most of their research on the internet.
They are trying to get them to breed, Do i really want loads of snails? Do i have a choice?

Hot weather

cooling off in the garden.

Dirty hands

Reuben after a 'strawberry and chocolate' party.

Growing up


Off to a party

Day off

More addition practise for Jemima, Imogen functions and inverse functions.
Then my sister came and took the children (minus Rosanna) to Rotherham for a trip to Clifton park. They cleaned cars and earnt £2 which they spent in pound world, not to be mistaken for poundland!


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