Saturday, 9 January 2010

Gingerbread geometry

Jemima measuring and calculating the perimeter of the gingerbread house.

Imogen working out the calculating the area of the footprint of the house. But first a lesson on finding area of shapes and units used. Imogen logically thought through the process.

Constructing the gingerbread house.

For Christmas, I,J & R got an enchanted gingerbread cottage from Fortnum & Mason.

German snow lights

Using snow and food colouring we made German snow lights. This was a good excercise in learning about combustion, if the hole in the side wasn't big enough the candle quickly went out.

Too cold for Reuben

Reuben quickly got cold outside, so we brought snow inside and added food colouring. Reuben made an igloo for fireman Sam.

Pascal's Triangle

We looked at patterns of Pascal's triangle, before filling in missing numbers on the triangle, the principles of the triangle were then applied to letter puzzles.

The Sledge

Daddy Pulling, Pulling, Pulling
The sledge
Then we get there
Down, Down, Down
Faster, Faster, Faster
Screaming, spraying snow

BY Jemima Holmes

The night of the wood

The forest was dark and cold.
The trees were as tall as sky scrapers.
The wind howling, louder, louder!
But the lake was silent, still.
Then the wind stopped.
All was silent.
Huddling in the cold cave.
Waiting for the night to pass.

by Imogen Holmes

Winter Poems

We read a collection of Winter poems, Geoff found his favourite winter poem 'The roe deer' by Ted Hughes. This really inspired the girls to write poems. We have began looking at poem structures and compiling similies.

15 cm of snow

Jemima measured 15cm of snow in the garden and about 25cm on the bin.

Snowy day

More snow started to fall Tuesday 5th Jan

More Home-made cookies, YUM

Imogen and Jemima decided to make cookies, they found a recipe on the internet and completely independently made cookies, the first batch were a little too crunchy, so they decided to make some more, this time they decided to put less flour in the mixture. The result was that the cookies spread and formed one large cookie, but they tasted gorgeous. The girls are already discussing the next batch.

The girls are learning so much experimenting with the recipe, cooking times and the rest of us are enjoying eating the cookies too!!!


The Starkeys introduced us to geo-caching. We had a go at looking for the treasure around Worsbrough reservoir. Imogen was very pleased with her mirror key-ring!!!!

National Coal Mining Museum

A visit to the coal mining museum, Imogen and
Jemima went on the underground tour with
Naomi and Daniel.
Reuben loved the dressing up stuff.

Mathematical logic problems

We have been working on mathematical logic problems, one problem involved working out doublings of amoeba, We worked it out drawing on paper, then Jemima modelled the doubling using play-doh.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Boxing Day

A walk around Worsbrough Reservoir and winter picnic and hot chocolate.

Turkey Heart

Geoff dissected the turkey heart.

Kids having fun!!

Christmas Day

Me and Geoff waited downstairs while the girls took forever to get ready, finally they came down with Rosa (the guinea pig) on a lead!


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