Wednesday, 16 March 2011

lambs, victorian cooking & chippy picnics

We now have the walls to our conservatory and by next week we should have glass too!
We have been really busy recently, not only making tea for the builders, but with home ed stuff too.

We went on a visit to Clifton Park museum, to experience victorian washing and to cook on a victorian range. Imogen has written about it on her blog
Reuben wanted to paint, Inspired by the books he is reading, he painted a Marine Iguana from the Galapogas Islands, a yellow guava and a rainbow.
He made his Granny a map, when she was feeling ill!
Yummy chippy picnics in the car

March 1st we celebrated St David's day. The girls really don't trust me with dates anymore, after I got the pancake day date wrong! and really don't want to do anything for red nose day.
Anyway for St David's day we found out about St David and wales, did some craft activities and tried to learn the Welsh names for fruit.

We've been to Wigfield farm three times this week hoping to see baby lambs. On the last visit the farmers were clearing out the cows. Wow, what a lot of stinky poo!

and finally on Tuesday our third visit to the farm, we got to see baby lambs!

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