Sunday 21 August 2011

The Wasp nest

The wasp nest

I went for a walk to the footpath with my 2 sisters and brother. We took a ball and a hula hoop. Reuben and Rosanna were playing with the ball, Daddy was picking blackberries and me and Imogen were playing with a hula hoop. We rolled the hula hoop and it went into some long grass. So we went in to get it and before we could say “WASP!” they were flying all around us and in imogens hair. I started running home and daddy shouted to me to run home but imogen ran the other way. Daddy grabbed Reuben and Rosanna and ran after imogen so I had to run home by myself. Daddy had put on a new gate, so I couldn’t get into the house. I put my hand on the gate and jumped. Imogen, Reuben, Rosanna and daddy had ran to the house at the top of the foot path. I had four stings, Reuben had one sting, Rosanna had five stings and Imogen had lots of stings on her head and twenty wasps in her hair!

But we are fine now.

The end.

By Jemima Holmes.

Friday 12 August 2011

Virus, skeletons and illness

As I sit and write this post it makes me smile to hear my four children laughing in the other room. They are actaully watching two delivery men trying to get a huge sofa through a standard front door across the road. A couple of weeks ago was quite a different story. Jemima had a really nasty virus which resulted in her mouth being covered in ulcers and blisters, which then meant she couldn't eat, so she got really weak and justed wanted to sleep. A final visit to the out of hours doctors found she had an infected throat and after 24 hours of antibiotics she began to feel better. The dynamics of the family were very different with Mima out of action. I thought, with a five year gap between my two sets of two, that Immy and Mima would be friends and so would Reuben and Rosanna. But they really enjoy all being together, often doing different things, but being in the same room or on the same sofa.
So to hear Jemima singing to Jesse J and playing with the others is brilliant.

When she was starting to feel better she made this model of a skeleton, which now hangs in the window with the Christmas angel!

We also made a model of a virus and the kids enjoyed chasing each other around with it and then passing on ear infections, nose infections etc etc.

The children then became interested in finding out more about the body and illnesses and we found this great website, with games, movie clips and quizzes.

The movie clips are very funny and informative and I really enjoyed watching them too!


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