Friday 22 October 2010


We made Eid cards for our friends, and got some books out of the library about the Islamic religion.

Letter to Rosanna

6th September 2010
Dear Rosanna
Yesterday was your first birthday.
You had blackberries for breakfast. Everyone else had croissants. Then we blew up the balloons and played with them. Then you went to the farm with Daddy and Reuben. In the afternoon Nanan and Richard came. Granny was staying here. We ate our food outside. You ate pizza and quavers. Daddy popped the champagne and it sprayed everywhere and we lost the cork in the bushes. An annoying wasp kept coming over scaring everyone. Jemima got so scared she ran inside. Reuben enjoyed your presents and he blew out the candles on your birthday cake.
Lots of love Imogen xxx

Letter to Rosanna

6th September 2010
Dear Rosanna
"Heyo" you said as you came to greet me. It was your first birthday yesterday. You wore a pretty pink dress and your brown shoes. You looked so pretty.
In the afternoon, we had a party. A wasp wanted some champagne, but it was too late, Nanan, Daddy, Richard and Granny had drunk it!
You ate a lot of birthday cake.
Lots and lots of love
Jemima xxx


Imogen and Jemima took part in a cheer leading workshop. They learnt a routine and then performed it to parents.

Eco paints

Imogen and Mima used berries from the garden to make paints. They then used them to paint on leaves and themselves!

Naughty Kids!

Young Mums

A real game of Mum's and babies, with Grandma's on hand to baby sit!

Friday 15 October 2010

Clifton Park

Yummy Yorkshire

One last visit to the Yummy Yorkshire Ice-cream parlour, before the weather gets too chilly!

Rosanna's First Birthday

On Sunday 5th September, Rosanna turned one!

Not back to school picnic

Back at the start of September, the home eduction families got together for a 'not back to school picnic'

Shirehorse Show

Lovely afternoon spent at Wigfield farm watching the Shirehorse show.

Saturday 2 October 2010

Rotherham by the Sea

We made two day trips to Rotherham-by-the-Sea, the first time it was so hot. The kids played in the sand, did belly dancing, entered a knobbly knees competition, played bingo, it really was like being at the seaside. The second time we went it rained all day, also like being at the seaside! But we got to do a treasure hunt, which took you to different places to collect treats.

Wentworth castle

There was far too many wasps to picnic in the playground at Wentworth castle gardens, so we headed off for the parkland. The kids (and their friends) wanted the camera to take photos of the newts they had found.


We had a few days at Snettisham. One-and-a-bit days with cousins and then a couple of days by ourselves. The weather was mixed, when it was hot the kids swam in the lake. With life jackets on, Imogen and Jemima swam far out, Imogen swam across the lake and back.
The girls had their first go in the canoe without an adult.


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