Thursday, 15 January 2015

Ice Skating; First competition.

Excited, nervous and all the feelings in between.
This weekend Imogen and Jemima have their first ice skating competition.

They began synchronized skating about 8 months ago.
 With matching tights, dresses, scrunchies and smiles 
they will
pivot, intersect and spin. 

Good Luck Team Ignis xxx

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Recently, I've been encouraging my two younger children to use their imagination and reinvent their toys, many of which are never used!

We certainly don't need the latest themed toys and I'm not going to buy them all.
So as we took the Christmas decorations off the tree we created Queen Elsa's castle...
Bye bye Barbie's dream house.
Hello Frozen castle.
 Queen Elsa's bedroom,

 We used silver tinsel and snowflakes.

 And guess what?
Rosanna still doesn't play with it, but she had great fun creatively making it and it's not cost us an extra penny.


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