Wednesday 23 December 2009

Victorian washing.

Glad the automatic washing machine got invented!
All that effort just to wash a tea-towel!!!


Followed by a guided tour of the museum.

Victorian workshop Clifton Park museum.

Gingerbread biscuits cooked on the range.



Here we have Farmer Christmas, Santa and Miss Christmas!

Frankie & Benny's

Another meal at Frankie & Benny's, I, J & R no longer happy with a trip to Mc D's!


Family Pics

Tuesday 22 December 2009

birthday continues...

Making buns with friends for brownies, to celebrate mima's birthday.

Wentworth Garden centre victorian market

Had fab time in gardens, maze and the market.

Later that day there was a wine and cheese night at our local farm shop, which i took I,J & R too. It was so inspiring for the girls to chat to people who are so passionate about food.
Mima really enjoyed chatting to a man who set up his own soup company (she loves making soup). Reuben still talks about the farmer and his soup everytime we have soup, but it's a great way to get him to eat it!

watching bedtime stories

Party games

still more birthday...

Mima had a sleepover party, with pizza making, food ,games, chocolate fondue, Bedtime stories DVD and then the sleepover. Which went well, didn't hear the kids after 11.00am. Reuben loved the drinks' mountain'.

birthday continued...

Im & Mi planned the day and did most of the preparing. They made invitiations, read sleepover books for ideas and made the birthday cake.
The girls looked on the internet for a reciepe, and made the cake themselves, without any adult help.

Jemima's 8th Birthday

Every year Jemima gets so excited about her birthday, she starts a count down to her birthday about 60 days before!
Her first treat was a trip to Frankie's and Benny's.

RSPB reserve old moor wetlands

Two days running we visited the reserve. On the Friday with friends and Granny and on the Saturday to go on a dark walk and have mulled wine and mince pies.

Light, symmetry and reflection workshop.

In maths we had looked at symmetry, so this workshop was perfect for developing understanding. We made infinity boxes (mirrored boxes) and then made half pictures to stick at the edges, so the pictured were reflected. This was tricky when trying to place things in the corners. Glo sticks were added to the boxes, so the light reflected on and on.

Afterwards the artists took us into the walled gardens to look at the light installations, and to make boats with glo sticks in them to float on the pond.
We went back a few weeks later to look at the light installations when it was darker, they are amazing.

Reuben at toddler group

Reuben started at mother and toddler group which he goes to with his nanan. He loves it especially the space rocket, the toast and singing dingle dangle scarecrow. Me and the girls get time to do things together.

Bindeez Company

After Charlotte bought a bindeez from Jemima, the girls decieded to start a buisness, making and selling bindeez. They got so much from this working out prices, making labels for their shop and starting a blog too.

Brownie centenary badge

Imogen and Mima busy collecting evidence for the brownie centenary badge. I think they got 5 points for playing jenga. They need to collect 100 points doing various challenges. Other activities include going to the highest place in our area, going on a night walk, ice-skating to name a few.
They are recording the evidence in a diary, this has really motivated Jemima to write, and she has gained loads of confidence and talks about commas, structure of sentences. I was so pleased I bought her some chocolate coins from Thorntons.

Rememberance day

I impressed my Mum by reading books about Rememberance day to the girls, we also saw bits on TV.

Halloween & Bonfire night

We read books about the history of Halloween and different traditions around the country and world. The children dressed up for Halloween and went trick or treating with Charlotte and Nanan. Giving me time to relax and watch strictly come dancing.

Geoff made a little fire outside and burnt the Guy we had made. The toffee apples didn't go down well (as usual). Geoff and the girls went to Locke Park to see the fireworks and spend loads of cash on the fair ground rides. Oh and I had free time to watch strictly!

Eygptian workshop

The pyramid look rather disappointing from the outside, being made of white plywood, but once inside it was enchanting. It had been decorated with paintings, hangings and lanterns. The leaders of the work were so inspiring with their music and story telling.


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