Saturday, 12 March 2011

Inspiring education

We will soon have completed our fourth year of home education. When we began Geoff worked part time and was around for parts, and sometimes all of the day. December 2009, he began aPhD full time, which meant home education changed alot for us. It is more difficult not having two adults, but I have the car all of the time. So now I can book in advance on to events and we can attend weekly groups more easily.
Geoff still plays an active role in the children's education. He has a different approach to me. He starts projects, and he's so enthusiastic and interested that the kids just naturally join in.
I've included a few of the things Geoff does with the children.
His big passion are the chickens. Geoff and the girls are often in the big garden until late, looking after and pampering the chickens.
All the eggs are measured, dated and recorded. Mima is really into this too!
All the data is fed into a graph and the exact price per egg is calculated!
Shape analysis of the eggs!!!
If you want to find out more about our chickens and Geoff's calculations, take a look at his egg blog:

When we are out walking, he points loads of stuff out, trees, birds, etc without questioning or making a point.
In Norfolk, he started pointing out bits of the old world war 2 camp, he didn't ask the children to join in, but they were interested in and so wanted to know more.
Clearing out the dirt from the old bike racks.
No electricity, we were all amazed how fine Geoff cut the veg!
Repairing the greenhouse glass.
Scouring the market for finest cabbage for the chickens!
Making a chicken feeder.

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