Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

The lighthouse keeper's lunch' was the theme for Reuben's 4th birthday party.
Geoff started the party by reading 'the lighthouse keeper's lunch' by Ronda and David Armitage. It's one of Reuben's favourite bedtime stories.

If you don't know the story here's the blurb from the back of the book;

Mr Grinling the lighthouse keeper tends his light come rain or shine. Everyday, Mrs Grinling makes him a delicious lunch and sends it to the lighthouse by a special cable system. But Mr Grinling isn't the only one who enjoys tasty food: Mrs Grinling must think of a way to make sure the lighthouse keeper gets his lunch.

The party had a seaside theme;

We started with a game of pass the 'fish 'n' chips' parcel, similar to pass the parcel on every layer was a fish shaped forfeit, with a seaside theme, e.g. pretend a crab has nipped your toe!
Outside to pan for silver. I covered small stones with tin foil, mixed them with sand, shells and water. The kids had a set time to get as much silver as possible. We weighed the silver and kept a score.
Mrs Grinling had prepared a lunch of lighthouse sandwiches (Jam, cheese or Nutella!), sausages and crisps
peach surprise, iced sea biscuits and drinks and assorted fruit. Thank you Mrs Grinling!!
R&R enjoying some party food. I got Reuben dressed smartly for the party and then he put some of the girls spotty socks on
Watch out for the naughty seagulls, Bert, Tom and Fred, they'll be after your lunch!
Iced sea biscuits, decorated by Immy and Mima.
We even got seaside weather. Yes, it rained! It's been really hot all week, but just for Reuben's party it rained! So we came inside and played seaside bingo, first for a line or the four corners and then for the house!
Imogen and Jemima made a lighthouse to go in the conservatory. We also put out seaside themed toys and activities.

seaside themed playdough mats from sparklebox
Here are some of the fashions designed at the party.
It was Lily's 2nd birthday too. Enjoy your dandelion leaf cake Lily.
Reuben's lighthouse cake

No everyone managed to stay, but the rain stopped and we went outside for an easter egg hunt. And when it was just us again we went for a bluebell walk in the nearby woods.
Typical the weather was much nicer today! Which was great because the children got to do all the activities we had planned for yesterday. Here are Reuben and Rosanna hiding chicks in eggs.

Making sandcastles.
Paddling in the spot tray.
Everyone had a great time at the seaside, and we didn't get stuck in any bank holiday traffic jams!


  1. Simply fabulous!!!!

    Popping in from Pre-K Corner

  2. What an amazing party! I will have to look for the book! JDaniel would love the seagulls.

    I am going to share this post on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page tomorrow.



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