Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A week of home education...

This week, we have...
been to the cinema to see the legend of the guardian and cars 2.
found out about Newton's first law of physics.
practised singing with the home ed choir.
danced and sang around the kitchen.
got a new pet rabbit.
snuggled on the sofa with duvets and pillows and watched 'planet dinosaur'.
been to macdonalds.
found out how steel was first made on the home ed 'Brook to blade' educational visit.
tried to work out the marble madness extreme maze, without instructions.
become addicted to boggle.
experimented with toy cars to find out about forces and motion.
constructed with meccano and lego.
made posters out of the pokemon magazines.
had bindeez beads rolling all over the floor.
swimming and trampolining.
had lunch with Nanan.


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