Saturday, 24 September 2011

And now we're back...

I'm just taking a break from sorting and putting away the Summer clothes, it flew by far too quickly! And we've already started with nasty bugs passing round the kids and adults :(
Well, I never expected to have such a big break from blogging, but I have. So I'll try and do a bit of a quick catch up and then get back to some serious blogging!!!!!
In August we had two family holidays in Norfolk, which added up to almost three weeks, and then we were busy busy busy in the garden. Of Course in the big garden there is weeding, cutting back brambles and harvesting of vegetables to be done.

I've been clearing back this patio area, maybe a wooden wendy house would like nice here!

We had a great pear harvest.

We also started work in the back garden. The children don't use this garden so much, so we have taken up one of the patio areas and today the firat blades of grass are appearing, which hopefully will make it more inviting. When I say 'we' took up the patio, I really mean Geoff, who at the moment has man flu!

Moving on to house stuff, we are the first family with children to live in this house, so some of the areas need to be made more child friendly. Also being a family of six, we need more than one loo, so builders will be starting soon.

Right now I need to pay for more space on the blog and then I'll see you all soon.

Enjoy your weekend.


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