Friday 24 September 2010

music workshops

Imogen, Mima & Reuben took part in music workshops, the girls first workshop was acappella steel band, and later in the week a guitar lesson. Reuben took part in music workshop, but he wasn't too impressed by it.
While the kids were in workshops, I got to drink Starbucks coffee and read magazines, well at least for a little while Rosanna played with the ELC toys!

catwalk workshop

Imogen and Mima went on a catwalk workshop. After choosing clothes to wear and getting a makeover, they got to walk down the catwalk and have photos taken by a professional photograher.

Thursday 23 September 2010

More big garden

We began tackling the weeds and the ants nest.
We all love getting to the top of the garden, making a small fire, toasting marshmallows and staying there till it gets dark.

The Big garden

Enormous ants nest

Imogen bravely digging the ants nest.

The minute we saw the 'big garden' we all fell in love, madly, deeply!
Now we've moved in the reality of the task of weeding, maintaining and improving the garden has started to sink in, but it's a long term project, which will evolve over the coming months and years.
But, despite the 6ft weeds we are still madly in love (with the garden!!).

Flowers, bees and butterflies.

Photos from our new garden.

We finally moved house...

Lily and Rosa preparing for the move.
Last look at the views across Worsbrough
Breakfast outdoors

The new house...

Hurrah, at last.
We were begining to think it was never going to happen, but it did!

Locke Park Gala

A day out to Locke Park Gala, vintage cars, fire engine, free stickers and balloons and my favourite bit, a jazz band.


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