Friday, 25 March 2011

Conisbrough Castle

Last Saturday we had a family trip out to Conisbrough castle. Weekends are normally spent getting to grips with the weeds in the garden, planting seeds and other garden jobs. So, we decided to have a day out together and we set off to Doncaster to visit Consibrough castle.

Here's what English Heritage has to say about it...

'It’s no wonder majestic Conisbrough Castle has become one of the most popular attractions in South Yorkshire.

The lofty 12th century keep of this very well-preserved building, now complete with its restored roof and floors, is a spectacular sight. It had a major role to play in the Wars of the Roses and was once owned by Richard of York.

Conisbrough Castle featured in Sir Walter Scott’s 'Ivanhoe', and with its many reminders of the golden age of knights in armour it makes a great value family day out near Doncaster.'

First stop was the visitors centre to read back ground history about the castle and to have a go in the stocks!

We explored the outside of the castle first, trying to work out where the various rooms would have been and also enjoying the remains to climb on, too!

Reuben made us all march to the castle and up the steps.
view down the loo!
and finally at the top, the views were amazing.

We spotted the canal
and the viaduct.
The visit to the castle inspired the children to draw some castles. They are still loving the Usbourne art books, the step by step instructions are really helpful.
I look at this picture of my four children drawing together and wonder why I constantly get asked 'how do you manage the different ages?', it used to be 'how will you manage home ed with a baby?'...
Wonder what the next home ed queation will be !!!
Anyway I've had fab positive comments about home educating from our builders, which are always lovely to hear.
And here are their castles, not sure why this one is the wrong way, still getting to grips with my new camera!

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