Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cannon hall farm

The kids really didn't believe me, when I told them it was going to be 17 degrees, and we'd need sun cream and hats. The sky was blue, so last minute we managed to find shorts and sandals, and we set off for a day out to Cannon hall farm. We looked around the animals and played on the playground. Then we had a short tour of the small animals.

We had a very informative talk, here are the baby rabbits. They have a shorter gestation period than guinea pigs and need more care when they are born.
Whereas , baby Guinea pigs are more able to look after themselves from birth. Baby rabbits have the comfort and protection of the warren, guinea pigs don't.
Then off to see the chinchilla.
The girls asked the farmer if she would go and look at a piglet, they were worried it was ill. The girls were right, the piglet had sadly died.
A big favourite of the day, talking to the turkey.

When we go to Cannon hall farm, we always wash our hands!!!!!Fab UV gel to check that you've washed your hands properly.
Time to play on the big grassy bank, but Rosanna spent most of her time trying to get into the ha-ha.
Nice to find shade and relax.
Although one little girl, never needs to rest.

After our visit, we got out the farm set. It started out, just me and Rosanna playing together.

And then Immy joined it, she was much more fun than Mummy, she invented games where foxes chased chickens.

Then Mima came to play, and she was much better at setting up the farm than Mummy.

And finally Reuben joined in.
Welly boots are great for splashing in puddles, but also make great farm buildings too!


  1. You all had a fantastic farm visit. I love that majestic Highland bull and sad about the little piggie. Isn't it wonderful the incredibly imaginative play that is played out after these sort of visits. We went to the circus this week. Our children were performing the most joyous circus tricks the next day..move over Moscow State Circus, there's a new circus in town!!

  2. Hi
    Thankyou for your lovely comment. We had a fab day at the farm and it's sparked the childrens imagination so much.
    Going to the circus is on my to-do list.

  3. I love the farm scene that they set up as a result of your trip...and that the older children were the most exciting sources of inspiration! I think that's pretty typical isn't it! Thanks for linking up this week.

  4. My older girls are brilliant role models for my younger two. They are so imaginative.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.



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