Hopes and Commitments

We want to encourage our children’s innate …

Sense of humour and fun, love of life, love of creating, discovering and learning.

As they grow towards adulthood we want our children to develop …
Self-confidence, Respect, Independence, Responsibility, Initiative, Resilience and good Social-skills.
We hope they will thrive academically and perhaps decide to continue studying at University.

At this stage in their lives we believe our children need …

Plenty of time to play and have fun
Unlimited access to the outdoors
Opportunities to make new friends and keep up with old friends
Good and varied role models from inside and outside their extended family
To develop their reading skills and enjoy using them in a variety of ways
To develop their mathematical skills in relevant and fun contexts
To develop their physical skills
To receive plenty of quality time and attention from us their parents
To mix with a range of people of all ages
To follow their interests and enthusiasms and use these as their main avenues of learning
To engage in the learning of life skills such as cooking, shopping, taking care of their possessions, handling money, using public transport, making appropriate decisions, co-operating, being thoughtful of others.


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