Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lady Gaga meets Posh!

Chicken up-date
We started with six chickens, but sadly two died. Our kind builder, who has show birds, had two black Orpingtons that didn't meet the grade, so he gave them to us. Then about 2 weeks ago, a friend's neighbour was wanting to get rid of their 3 chickens (Posh, Portia and India), so we've got them too.
So if you're confused we've got 9 chickens in total.It was obvious the new sets of chickens were not going to get on, the new 3 hens really wanted to be top in the picking order, and the poor young black hens get picked by all!
So Geoff divided up the poly tunnel with chicken wire panels, but this wasn't enough, hens were jumping into different pens and getting pecked or pecking others. So various nets had to be hung to keep them in order.

It's really nice and warm in the polytunnel and there's loads of dust for bathing, so the chickens are in heaven really. Actually it's a bit like centre-parcs, with all the lovely treatments and activities they can do!

The new hens are in the backpen, they went crazy dust bathing when they first got in the polytunnel. The hens go up to the wire and eye-ball each other. Our dominant chicken is Lady Gaga and the dominant hen of the new set is Posh, and these two really don't like each other!!!
We have been finding eggs in strange places like hanging baskets. Our egg total to date is 91.

The black Orpingtons, one if them is a dwarf, the other's legs are too short. They are really big compared to the other brown hens and their movement are much more jerky. Really not sure if the little one will survive, it can't manage to scratch very well and is a bit unsteady.
But it's really cute how the two of them cuddle together.
Finally this week all the hens went into the outdoor pen, but the black ones have been removed and are back in the polytunnel. The other 7 brown hens seem to be getting ok, but they won't leave the black orpingtons alone. They are much younger, so this could be the problem.

Off to have some supper, mmm, I think I'll have a boiled egg!

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