Sunday, 28 February 2010

World thinking day

Imogen and Jemima  met with other brownies from Barnsley for a 'world thinking day' event. They did 7 workshops representing different countries, Europe was making chocolate, Antartica -snow globes, then there was Brazillian soccer, African drumming, a bug parade, cheer leading and singing,

Sports sessions

The girls began weekly sports sessions, this week was basket ball. Each session is followed by a healthy eating session and then a swim.

Monday, 22 February 2010

tangram puzzler

Using identical tangram pieces, we split into two teams and put up a barrier so we couldn't see each others pieces. We then took it in turns to add a piece and describe it's position. It was a great opportunity for using mathematical terms and names, and describing accurately position.
The patterns turned out pretty much identical.

The twingram puzzle

Using 'dark' and 'light' tangram pieces we created more pictures.

Chinese Tangrams

We looked at the history of tangrams, in fact they may not have originated from China! Following the rules of tangrams we made pictures.

Chinese New Year Poems

To assess knowledge and understanding of Chinese new year, I got the girls to write acrostic poems. We brain stormed vocab. associated with China/ Chinese new year and then wrote the poems.Imogen then wanted to write her own poem. Later the girls spotted an acrostic poem where the vertical word was in the middle of the poem, so maybe we'll try that next.

Chocolate cascades

Using junk modelling materials, we made chocolate cascade machines. The process was great for discussing the relationships between slopes, angles and speed.

secret messages

As part of the number fun badge for Brownies, the girls wrote a secret message using numbers.

Romeo and Juliet

The girls really love the song, Love story by Taylor Swift. It's based on the story of Romeo and Juliet, so we read a child's version of Romeo and Juliet. The girls then compared the song with the story.

Telling the time

Jemima converting analogue time to digital time and solving time problems.
Imogen using 24 hour clock and solving problems.

home-made snow ice cream

Wigfield farm in the snow

Poultry Show

The poultry show was amazing, I never imagined judging eggs would be so complicated. The judges were weighing, measuring and then cracking the eggs.

chicken curry and pancakes

Imogen and Jemima wanted to cook chicken curry, after a lesson in handling chicken safely, the girls independently fried the chicken to make chicken curry. For pud they made pancakes topped with banana and maple syrup.

Fly Hospital

We now have a fly hospital in our bathroom, swatted flies rescued and treated!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Imogen's songs.

 Hello this is imogen! I am putting one of my songs i have recorded here! You can look at my blog with all the songs on! You can also download them.  Click here

Big rock candy mountain
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Monday, 15 February 2010

Chinese New Year

We began with a comprehension excercise to find out facts about chinese new year, the girls then did independent research on the internet. Together we made chinese food and wrote fortune messages. Jemima found chinese music on you tube and Imogen read to us about Chinese religions.

£500 to design a new bedroom

I set the girls the task of furnishing a bedroom for £500. It was a great opportunity to look at decimal points and use a calculator.


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