Sunday, 6 March 2011

4 kids, 2 guinea pigs go to Snettisham

We set off on Wednesday morning, amazing, as normally it takes us until at least dinner time to leave!
It was cold and wet when we arrived in Norfolk, so the kids stayed inside and kept themselves busy, and the guinea-pigs stayed in their little house.
Thursday morning was much brighter , so by just after 8am we were on the beach.
Our first beach trip of 2011
Diggers were on the beach moving shingle back to Heacham.
Kids off!
Beach combing
And we found the maze that someone had made last year.
Off for a walk, past the lakes,
and through the country park.
The twigs and branches are covered in Lichen.

Back to the beach,
to meet and play with cousins.
More time to catch up!
Geoff made golden vegetable soup, and as there's no mains electricity he had to chop the veg very fine.

Time to play out on the front. In the second world war huts were placed here and you can still see remains.
The chalk shop, can't remember when this was started, it was definitely here last year. The children carve chalk and make other things to sell.

The weather was so nice by the afternoon, so we got to stay out most of the day.

Rosanna watching ducks in the lake.
There are no street lights, so on a clear night the stars are amazing. Me and the girls took hot chocolate up to the bank, and tried to spot some constellations. Geoff then started reading Animal Farm by George Orwell, very topical considering what is happening in Libya. We are always so tired when we are in Norfolk, the younger two were in bed for 6.30pm and all of us by 9pm!


  1. Here is something I wrote about an earlier trip to Snettisham ...

  2. Thanks I'll take a look at that. x
    and maybe some others will too!!!



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