Monday, 23 April 2012

Worsbrough Country Park - First Bluebells of 2012

We took a much needed break from our weekend of decorating, de-cluttering, bedroom moving, gardening and so on and so on...

and took a walk through Worsbrough country park.

The woods are covered in a beautiful carpet of Bluebells.

Once Spring arrives, we begin to look forward to the arrival of Bluebells.

Reuben and Rosanna loved exploring the various paths,
going off on their many adventures, Tree Fu Tom style!

Rescuing big sis!

Don't wobble and squash the Bluebells.

Goose grass camouflage

I love the feel of ancient woodland, it feels so magical.

The river Dove winds through the wood.

Brave girl!
Dare you pick up a stinging nettle?
(only try this with white flowered ones,
they are actually dead nettles, not stinging nettles.)

The looming clouds and threat of more April showers brought our walk to an end.

The good thing about chilly days is warming up back home with hot chocolate!


  1. What a beautiful place to go for a stroll and enjoy the site of Bluebells. It looks like a magical place. There is nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up. I hope you are having a great week.

  2. Such a beautiful place to walk!

  3. Your woodland scenes are so lovely and peaceful. Great "W" post!!!

  4. What a wonderful place to explore and create new accessories!

  5. Such beautiful picture. Some of my best childhood memories are of walks in the wood during spring.

    Herding Cats

  6. Bluebells make me happy.
    And so does this walk!


  7. My sister sent me the pictures of her fist Blue Bells. They are so delicate. Oh my she is a brave girl to pick nettles!!~Ames

  8. What a beautiful, enchanted park! I bet if you were very still you might catch a glimpse of a fairy! Have a great weekend, Nan

  9. Lovely photos, I just love Spring and the leaving of winter- it always reminds me of going to the nature park with my mom when I was little- all the small discoveries... They left such a big impression, even now that I am an adult.

  10. Love the bluebells. I used to see them when we lived in Manitoba when I was very young, but haven't seen ones like that here in Arkansas. The park looks like a good place to go when you want to leave all our stresses behind!



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