Sunday, 1 April 2012

A story walk - Burbage Peak district

We went off for a drive into Derbyshire, not really knowing where we were going to stop.
This view caught our eye!

Not very safe, but the kids enjoyed climbing on the boulders.

Rosanna has to join in with her big sisters.

Masses of frog spawn in the stream.

It was one of those walks where there is so much to look at that you think you'll never get anywhere, but finally we got moving...

A deep dark wood, for a mouse to take a stroll!

Come and have tea in my under ground house.

A fox took a stroll through the deep dark wood!

and we got the owl too!!!!

It will be weird for me when we no longer walk along enacting Julia Donaldson stories: The seaside and it's sharing a shell, any wood it's The Gruffalo, and we are always looking for Stick man and his Stick lady love!

Geoff never takes us on the easiest route!

O-oh we've got to go through it!
(I told you I live in a story land!)

and finally back to the car park, our first ice-cream van of the year!

Have you got any stories that follow you round?

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