Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Daddy!

On good Friday, Geoff turned 45!
After a picnic in the car,
we treated him to a trip to Wigfield farm!

They've got some new pet dogs at the farm.
Not really sure about dogs on a farm visit.

Old donkeys and...

New arrivals.

It was so cold we went inside to do some crafts.

We were really excited to find a poem, we used to read to Immy when she was little. Some how or other the book got lost and the poem forgotten.
It begins with:
November grey end of day,
mist time, smoke time, rabbit time, magic time.

Lovely clean paint,

which didn't last very long!

It had all started so well!

Imogen's got to THAT age!

Back home, the girls made lemon drizzle cake.

Happy Birthday to Daddy ...
and then Rosanna (who has more birthdays than the Queen!)

Happy Birthday Dear Daddy!



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