Friday 11 January 2013

Welcoming 2013 in Wales

We usually get bored and run out of activities in the time between Christmas and New year, but this year we went off to visit Geoff's sister Naomi and her family in Wales.
Reuben and Rosanna all ready to set off for the train.

 Passing very flooded areas on our train journey to Caersws.

I haven't got any photos of the other days apart from New year's day...
Look at the tree it's covered in Lichen, a very clean place to live.

The weather had been rather wet, 
so it was so nice to have dry weather for a walk on New Years day.

... but it was very cold!

Reservoir near Llanidloes

Ruins of a leadmill just below the dam.

I love this shop window display in Llanidloes

I've loved 'The Snowman' since I first saw it. It's been an annual tradition in my home and now our home to watch the Snowman on Christmas Eve. We were really excited to all sit down and watch The Snowdog this year. I was really disappointed, but the younger two children loved it, and I am addicted to the snowdog app!
I wonder if they'll make a little knitted snowdog to complete the scene.


  1. That looks like a lovely trip!

  2. Looking good in that Welsh hat and scarf - lovely photos, yes it can be a bit 'flat' in-between the Christmas and New year celerbrations - looks like you had an enjoyable time - here's to all 2013 brings :-)



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