Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Snowy walk and Clever hot chocolate

On frosty/snowy/wintery days my first thoughts are always to head towards Worsbrough reservoir.
 We set off via the footpath at the side of our house.

 View over Worsbrough from the top of the footpath.

 On to the Trans Penine Trail.

 Most of the snow had melted by the time we had got down to the reservoir, 
but still a lovely place to be, "chicken soup for the soul".

Having walked from home, we needed to warm up with hot chocolate.
I read today that a cup of milky hot chocolate 
could be a key to boosting brain power. 
Our daily ritual is to have a hot chocolate mid morning (sometimes afternoon too!) Much nicer for children than being told to eat fish!
And wouldn't it be great if adding cream and marshmallows also boasted brain power instead of boasting waistline.
Cheers x


  1. oh what a lovely walk you have on your doorstep. I know my boys will be very glad to hear that hot chocolate is brain food! we have been getting in to the habit of one after a cold walk too!

  2. Lovely your snowy walk, still waiting for some snow in Cornwall!

  3. Lovely photos and looks like a wonderful walk ~ ending with Hot Chocolate! Wow!

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^



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