Monday, 28 January 2013

Two weeks of snow

For the past two weeks our lives were disrupted by the thick blanket of snow that covered Barnsley, as it did most of the country. We quickly found a new routine which included a daily sledging session.
With extra layers of clothes, thermals and a flask of hot chocolate, the kids could stay out for a couple of hours.

Home Sweet Holmes bobsleigh team

The kids progressed to jumps

Apr├ęs ski in the back garden.
We made German snow lights.

Two weeks of snow, gave us time to experiment with snow ice-cream flavours.

I'm going to miss the free ice-cream, now the snow has begun to melt.

Orange slush
(snow and orange juice)

And while the kids made ice-cream, I drank Baileys, without ice...

and all was well in our little world!

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