Sunday, 6 January 2013


After Geoff and the girls visited London during the Olympics, we decided to do some follow up work.  We found 'The bumper book of London' by Becky Jones and Clare Lewis.
  Our friends had also been to London, 
so we invited them over to a 'London forum'

We had previously painted busy city pictures 
and they made a great start to our display.

 We painted a river Thames.

 I wrote out facts about the River Thames from 'The Bumper book of London'.
The children took it in turns to read out the facts and then we stuck them on the river. The River Thames was there long before London was, so it made a good starting point. We then talked about why the Romans chose to settle there and how London gradually developed.
London in different languages

 Next we drew small pictures of London buildings and then placed them in relation to the River Thames and each other, using a street map of London.

Part of the finished River Thames.

 We finished the morning by baking a London cheesecake...

Imogen and Jemima enjoyed learning about London, 
so we have started looking further into the history of London.

 Roman London

 Anglo-Saxon London

... and we stopped at medieval London.

Having got tickets booked for the schools concert at the Albert Hall and
tickets for Legoland Windsor. 

The Covent Garden travelodge wasn't available so we are going 'upmarket' to travelodge Bethnal Green.  Not sure what the area will be like but it's 'call the midwife' country - so that should be fun.

We will continue learning about the history of London, with added excitement, looking forward to our next visit to London.


  1. The kids look like they are having fun with their learning about London. I had no idea it was said differently in other languages, I thought it was just 'London' in any language! They will be excited to get back there.

  2. It looks like you've been having fun learning about London. What is London Cheesecake?

  3. What a wonderful project!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  4. Fun and creative post ~ Great photos ~

    Carol of: A Creative Harbor ~ visiting from Alphabe Thurs.

  5. Love that River Thames craft!

  6. Love the River Thames craft!

  7. What wonderful projects! I love all you did!

  8. What a wonderful learning experience for the children! Excellent L post!

  9. Wow! What a great way to learn! Great L project!

  10. It's funny we have London on our doorstep but rarely do it justice. Thank you

  11. What lovely learning!

    Your 'roll' painting is awesome! I love the look of intense concentration on those sweet little faces.

    And I've not heard of a London cheesecake! Yours looked luscious!

    Thanks for linking.


  12. How lovely to stumble across this blog about our book! We are the authors of The Bumper Book of London - so wonderful to see how it inspired your trip. Good to see that you enjoyed it! Love your children's drawings. Thanks so much for writing about it. Becky and Clare



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