Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quiffs, tea cups and bunting - The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Way back in June, we celebrated the Queen's Diamond jubilee,

with Elvis, in Rotherham!

Traditional fish 'n' chips eaten out of the paper at the street party

My Mum with Rotherham's MP

Off to a vintage 50's style tea party in the old imperial market

We had our hair styled and quiffed in authentic 50's hair styles.


back combed...


and finished of with loads of hairspray!


Cup cakes and cups of tea, at almost 1950's prices.

Good old fashioned entertainment,

and a magic show

We enjoyed watching the celebrations on television.

We even managed to fit in some work!
The girls interviewed their Granny, back in the 50's she was at school in Africa, she went on a school visit to see the then Princess Elizabeth, this was to be the last sighting as a Princess, the very next day she was the Queen!

We wrote newspaper reports, one of the coronation and one of the jubilee celebrations.
We found out about the royal family and took a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace.

For three days, Britain forgot about recession, house prices, un-employment and even the bad weather and came together to celebrate Our Queen's diamond jubilee.
I hope our Queen enjoyed it too!


  1. Excellent Q contribution. I think quiff is my newest favorite vocabulary word (followed by quifftastic!)
    Thanks for visiting. And keep that quill busy.

  2. Wow! What a great post for Q ~ lovely fun photos ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  3. What fun! I love the hairstyles. This looks like a wonderful event.

  4. WHAT a fun post! I loved it! :)
    Love the queen too !:)

  5. It's wonderful to just escape like that and for three days! Lovely photos...

  6. What a celebration! I L O V E all the cool hairstyles! You had a marvelous time. What a joy! Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs Anne

  7. Elvis has a way of showing up at all the best events! It looks like everyone had a fine time!

  8. Elvis got sooooo tall!

    This was quite a fun post! Love the hairstyles!

    Thanks for letting us tag along!

    God Save the Queen!




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