Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Olympics London 2012

The girls hadn't shown much interest in the Olympics,
apart from collecting the LEGO Olympic minifigures.

I'd got books out of the library, we were going to study the Greeks and then learn about modern Olympics. After renewing them twice I took them back unread.
After watching the Olympic opening ceremony on TV, the girls appetite was whetted, and we watched and talked Olympics. We desperately tried to get tickets. We didn't manage to get any, but we did see the Russian rhythmic gymnastic team rehearsing at Don valley arena.

It was so exciting when we saw them on TV, trying to spot the girls we had seen practise.

Geoff took the girls down to London.

Platform 9 3/4

They had a hectic few days, fitting loads into 3 days.

Geoff had booked for them to go on the London eye.

But as they approached it, the girls thought it was very tall and didn't look very strong!

Geoff persuaded them to go on, although Jemima sat down and didn't look when they got to the very top!

The book maze

It's great to get lost in a good book!

Dining out at 'The slug and lettuce'

Westminster Abbey

Natural History Museum

On to Stratford Park

She punches better than me!

The Olympic orbit, viewed from John Lewis window

And finally they got to see some Olympic competitions.

The marathon

The walk race

In Stratford park watching the Olympics on the big screen.

Eating curried goat,

and watching and cheering for Bolt.

In Sheffield we joined with 12,000 people to welcome Jess Ennis back home,

and eat Fancie cupcakes!


  1. What a wonderful series of photo's of good old London. The girls must have had the time of their life.

  2. I remember when the Olympics were in Salt Lake. It was a big party! We had so much fun....

  3. Whata outstanding and OMG trip for the girls. So many opportunites to learn and enjoy. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  4. how awesome! what a great day for your girls! also. i may be more excited seeing pics of platform 9-3/4 than pics of the olympics…

  5. Wonderful photos, and that book maze really captured my imagination!


  6. Great photos, just an amazing adventure they had. I love London and can't wait to visit there again! The book maze is just too cool, and the pink piano, we have a collection (they're doing here) where they place a piano around and in various locations and you can just sit down and play!

  7. I wish I'd been down to London for the Olympics :D No worries, still saw everything on tv..... really want to go to the book maze though :D

  8. Wow ~ Great trip for the girls indeed~ Fun photos ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  9. How fun for the girls! They are adorable!!

  10. How Awesome, great trip and awesome pics of London!

  11. I enjoyed this series and I'm glad your daughters had such a wonderful time.

  12. Oh what fun. That's a part of history your girls will remember. Love that book maze! Curried goat? That's a new one for me.

  13. What an amazing trip for them:)To be there when somethign so amazing is happening, thats somethingt ehy can tell their grandkids:)

  14. What an outstanding trip!

    Talk about variety and fun!

    Love the pink piano and sharing your family with you!

    Thank you for linking!

    I really loved this.


  15. Thank you for your lovely comments. The girls had a great time, wish I'd gone too.

  16. I would have loved to go to the olympics but we couldent was it really good



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