Saturday, 15 September 2012

The science of meringues

We've usually got a good supply of eggs having got six hens.
Plenty enough to try and perfect the art of baking meringues.

Egg white contains chains called albumin. Whisking whips air bubbles into egg white. The albumin traps the bubbles, making a foam. When you bake it, the foam hardens into meringues.
eeerrrrmmm! no! Our first set of meringues were gorgeous after that, it's been hit and miss, mostly miss! Imogen did an internet search and apparently you shouldn't cook meringues in rainy weather. Apparently the sugar in the meringue attracts moisture and so the meringue can't dry out.

We've had mostly rain this Summer and very chewy meringues!


  1. I love how you searched to find out why it wasn't working.

    I'm horrible with meringues too.

  2. Really? We've had some chewy meringues this year too, I can't remember if it was raining when we made them or not. I'm now intrigued!



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