Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Robin Hoods Bay

 The weather forecast wasn't very good for the August bank holiday, but Geoff and the girls finally gave in and let me have a camping trip to Robin Hoods bay.

 The girls devised an 'olympic' style training camp.

 The first evening the weather was perfect, 
lets save the ice-creams for the next morning I tell the children...

 Well the next morning it was lashing with rain, but still the kids wanted Dolly's ice-cream. So we set off down to the village...

and the rain got heavier and heavier, 
and Jemima's water proof wasn't waterproof!

Dolly's ice-cream dipped in the chocolate fountain

 Thankfully the sun came out later and the kids could continue with their olympic training, high jump today!

 In the afternoon, we went to visit St Stephens church, the old fisherman chapel standing on a hillside over looking Robin Hoods bay.

 Externally it looks wind swept, internally it is a rare and unaltered example of a church furnished for the preaching of the word - a real 'preaching box' which has escaped re-ordering - with galleries to the north and west, box pews below and a three-decker pulpit.

There are maiden's garlands which were made by family and friends when an unmarried women or girl died.  They were decorated with flowers and rosettes. They were then carried in front of the coffin by other girls.

Some people buried the garland with the body, but it became popular to hang them in the churches as a memorial.
 I love the description of the garlands in the church,
 'Reactions to the four Maiden's garland that hang in Old St Stephens church vary from "Eew-creepy" to "Oh yes, they used to hang in the chancel". Miss Haversham-like, fragile relics, they seem to exist in suspended animation in their draught-like glass cupboard, vaguely perceived through ancient window panes and beyond box pews, something anachronistic, awkwardly dangling dream catchers.'

 We'd just bought barbeque stuff, when it started to rain,

 but we still managed to cook and enjoy food.

 On the Saturday, the weather forecast was dreadful all day, so I planned indoor activites, but in fact the weather looked promising.

 So we had a trip to Scarborough castle

 We learnt about medieval fighting

 Still no rain, so we headed for the beach.

 And then a walk on the coastal footpath.

 A perfect day...

 well almost, the weather turned nasty at bedtime.

 By morning the weather was perfect again, and we headed off to Whitby Abbey.

 There was a time travellers event, we've been to one before. They are excellent, really bringing history alive, similar to horrible histories on TV.

 Reuben was choosen to be a merryman in the Robin Hood story.

  We also watched the story of Dracula.

  Which took us to various parts of the Abbey.

 And finally some medieval equestrian skills.

  We really enjoyed our time at the Abbey, 
but felt like we couldn't take in any more history.

  A fab picnic spot

 Even time for crafts in the tent

 We had a fab few days, 
but finally had to drive home over the heather covered moors.

Fitting in one more English Heritage property on the way!


  1. Despite the rain you all had fun and a lovely time. I know hot you feel as we had four children too and oh so much rain in the summer.

  2. How fun! I'm glad to see you didn't let a little rain get in the way of a good time...

  3. Fun trip and great photos ~ love the children ~ such a beautiful family ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. This looks like a wonderful trip! Every moment (except the rainy parts) must have been wonderful. I think the church and cemetery are just amazing.

  5. looks like a fun place to visit. bummer about the rain but it looks like you all have a good time.

    have a sweet day.

  6. You all really know how to have fun and make the best out of some miserable weather. Glad you had some nice weather.

  7. Looks like you definitely made the best of it and none the worse for wear! Yay!! Great photos!

  8. What a wonderful trip! You have a beautiful family. I enjoyed all of the photos and loved seeing that church interior.

  9. I'm glad the rain didn't dampen the spirits too badly. It looks like a wonderful trip and you got to see such beautiful places!

  10. What a wonderful family outing! The rain wouldn't keep me away either!

  11. What a fun trip - Even with the rain! We lived in England for 4 years when 4 of our 5 kids were young - I really miss it. Love your pictures!

  12. Looks to me like you made the best of the weather.

  13. Great post! Looks like fun even in the rain!

  14. Oh wow!

    I love that rain didn't deter you at all from a ridiculously wonderful time!

    I've never heard of maiden's garlands but I love the story!

    And that stonework just makes my heart pitter patter!

    Your family is lovely. I think the chocolate ice cream cone shot is my favorite. What a sweet, happy expression you captured there!

    thanks for linking.




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