Thursday, 30 June 2011

Kids talk ...

Two recent conversations with Reuben that made me smile ...

After breakfast Reuben asks, "Can I have an ice-cream?"
Mummy answers, "No Reuben, we don't have puddings after breakfst, we'll save it for later."
Reuben "Well could I just hold an ice-cream?"
Mummy replies " No! It would start to melt."
Reuben " Well if it starts to melt, then I'll lick it."

After seeing piglets being born, Reuben had a converstaion with his Dad.
Daddy "Reuben, do you remember when the piglets were born and they came out of their mummy's tummy?"
Reuben "The babies didn't come out of the tummy they came out of the bottom!"
and then he continued "First they were all boys and then the next day they'd turned to girls!"
His observation of the disappearing umbilical cord.

I'm so glad I'm not missing any of these special moments with the kids. Before we started home educating I read an article where the author wrote, 'You're not going to get to your death bed and think "Gosh I spent too much time with the kids"' and it's true isn't it.

Although I can't remember thinking this when my darling Rosebud was having a huge tantrum and not wanting to get in her carseat!

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  1. Don't they just come out with the most brilliant things



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