Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Courgettes, peas and a handful of berries

Finally by Sunday, we had warm weather, well actually it was too hot for most of the day! But by evening time it had cooled down enough to go and spend some time in the garden. Recently whenever we've attempted to go up to the garden it's rained! A couple of weeks without weeding around the flowers, sees brambles and Raspberry canes sprouting up all over the place. So today I cleared a path round to the rose arch, which is still smelling sweet. I've always loved wild gardens and yes, I've finally got one...

The Summerhouse with it's ornamental bed, which is now filled with raspberry canes.
Chinese lanterns
We are pleased to see so many plants shooting up after last year hash winter

Many of the lavenders have died over winter, but this one is going strong and smells wonderful.
One of my favourite flowers, stargazer lilies,
I had them as button holes at my wedding almost 12 years ago.
And on to the fruit and veg...

The gooseberries are almost ready to be picked. The birds got most of our redcurrants, hope they don't get the other berries too. Maybe we'll put netting over next year.

I almost composted this wilted straggly looking plant, then noticed it had blueberries on it!
Peas and cornflowers
We are eating fresh peas raw everyday. The children love podding them

and we are getting so many courgettes. Ratatouille most days. Thankfully today the girls found new recipes...

Courgette and cheese Savoury muffins
and courgettes dipped in batter and fried (nice with stir fry).

Potatoes almost ready. Boiled, and then a dressing of red pesto, I think!
In the poly tunnel, the grape vine is growing, but we wont have grapes until next year.
Sweetcorn and runner beans at the back.

looking forward to tomatoes.

Sadly one the black orpingtons died.


  1. What a beautiful garden, you should be really proud :)

  2. Helloo. One post in and I love you already!!! Haven't even read any of your other posts yet. Glad to meet you. I too have four kiddos but only one guinea pig as one died :-(, but in our cottage jungle garden is a fluffy beast called Martha who looks a bit can't wait to see your other posts x

  3. Your garden looks fantastic! We have pea podding helpers too lol ;) x

  4. You've got so much going on in your garden space, it makes me jealous. Really nice!

  5. Wow! That is quite an impressive garden. Everything looks wonderful.


  6. I could feast in that garden for a very long time!

  7. Things are looking good there! Sorry to hear about the black Orpington, any idea what was wrong?

  8. My goodness, your garden is gorgeous!! Must be all that English rain (and all your hard work!)!

  9. ooh, envious of your peas, ours have only just started flowering

  10. The garden pictures are so lovely!!
    We missed out on peas this year. :/

  11. Hi, thanks for your lovely, encouraging comments.



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