Monday, 6 June 2011

Handa's surprise

The book of the moment for Reuben and Rosanna is 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Browne.
From the library I got the 'listen and join in' CD. We've had other CD's from this range and they suggest great activities and games based on the book. Reuben pretended to be the animals that appear in the book and enjoyed moving to the African rhythms.

The kids really loved acting out the story. The props they used were all things that were to hand around them. I love sponteanous play.

Rosanna put seven delicious fruits in a basket.
"She will be surprised", thought Imogen as she set off.
"I wonder which fruit she'll like best?"
"Banana? guava? orange? mango? pineapple? avocado? passion-fruit?"
Which fruit will Rosanna like best?
The naughty goat broke it's tether and really enjoyed butting the tree!!!
"Hello Rosebud, I've brought you a surprise"
"Tangerines" said Rosebud. "My favourite food"
"TANGERINES?" said Imogen. "That is a surprise!"
... and I was equally surprised when I found tangerines in the bathroom, under cushions, in the water tray. By the end I wasn't surprised, but visitors did get a surprise!

The Handa's Surprise theme continued with the playmobil and playdough.

and as usual Immy and Mima joined in too...

and we got a Lady Gaga meat inspired playdough dress!

Here is another post inspired by a favourite book.


  1. The lady Gaga dress cracked me up! Loved this whole post!! Very creative!!!

  2. hi thankyou for your comment on my post, i have to say bananas and apples are the favorites in my house, i must say the woods that you visited look lovely x

  3. Wow, that is some creative play going on over there!


  4. I love that book! You got some great role play from it! How wonderful to see active imaginations :)

  5. What fun! very creative! tangerine surprises--hope you found all of them!

  6. A tangerine surprise. That sounds like a band from the 60's!

    The Lady Gaga dress made me crack up.

    And your creativity made me think, "Why didn't I ever do anything like that when my kids were small?"

    Neat link!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity and humor with us.


  7. What a lovely post - A great book to work from in such a creative way - looks like you all enjoyed it. I have been absent from reading blogs for a couple of weeks but back in the swing again now - good to read all of your news. S X

  8. We love that book too and we have played it out in lots of fun ways but no Lady Gaga guest star appearances though!!

  9. LOL! Lady Gaga inspired dress! LOVE IT!

  10. Thanks for your comments. We are still enjoying the book and have now got Handa's hen out of the library too.

  11. We have that book in a Discovery Toy book collection I purchased when my 12 year old was an infant! What a great way to encourage creative play!

  12. We love activities that connect with books. We'll have to put this book on our library list.

  13. I love how they retold the various parts of the book! What a great idea! I will be sharing this post on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page today!



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