Saturday 2 February 2013

Edale - Derbyshire

Since our walk up shivering mountain last September, Reuben and Rosanna love all things to do with mountains.
 It's inspired them for art work.

 and even cooking.

We woke this morning to beautiful blue skies with no sign of rain or snow. 
The girls had their bedroom window open, bulbs appearing in the garden. 
"It must be Spring," I thought. 
Geoff planned a trip on the train out to Derbyshire, 
"Do you want a flask of hot chocolate?" 
"Oh no," I reply,  "it's far too hot today for hot chocolate."
... and then we venture out and it's barely three degrees!

Luckily beautiful blue skies greeted us in Edale 
and we set off for a walk along the river towards Kinder.

Across the bridge and away.

Kinder Scout was the site of the mass trespass in 1932 which eventually led to the opening up of private land for ramblers.

 A real Bridge to Teribithia

Can you see how the branches are acting like roots?

 Reuben and Rosanna were so excited by the mountains, 
wanting to know the names of each peak.

 'Y' tree

What is everyone looking at?

The perfect sledging hill, of course!

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