Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Home made crunchie honeycomb

Today we made crunchie!

 In a pan, heat 4 tablespoons of golden syrup with 200g of sugar. We heated it very slowly to avoid burning. Bring to the boil and then simmer until the sugar has dissolved.

 To test if the honeycomb is ready, dip a small amount in cold water, 
if it sets solid, it's ready.

 The fun bit - add 3 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda
The mixture fizzes and this is how the honeycomb gets it's bubbles.
This gave us an opportunity to recap acids and alkalis.
Place the mixture in a tin lined with greaseproof paper.

Leave to set.

Break into pieces.

 We decorated the honeycomb with dark chocolate

'Can we make Kit Kat next week?' asks Reuben.
Watch out for more Home Sweet Holmes confectionery


  1. Ooooh yummy. I have had the recipe for a while now, but haven't tried it out.

  2. oh fun! Found your blog through the adventures in mommydom science sunday link up. :) definitely trying this out with my boys!

  3. That looks fab! My kids are meant to be on a low sugar diet but this looks so good (and educational!) we might have to make a little exception. Love your photos.

  4. Oh, this would be a great go along snack for studying bees!

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  5. Oh fun! My boys would love that!

    New follower stopping by from the "we made that linky"! Can't wait to read more!


  6. Yum, I love honeycomb candy! Looks delicious. :)



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