Saturday, 19 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Meal
We usually celebrate Valentine's day as a family celebration, and we think of it as a time to think about how much we love and care for each other
Rosanna sorting out the drinks
Poping the bubbly

We had Chinese take away, Feburary 14th was also the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. We did craft activities linked to valentines day and Chinese new year at the Home ed group we go to on a Thursday too.
While we were eating our meal, Reuben asked me, "Mummy, what makes you smile?" and that started us all thinking. Of course, my first answer was my children, and then we wrote a list.

I love...
the sound of the trees
the smell of the chickens

skinny mochas

French fancies


reading the metro

Sunday morning bargains

reading books, playing with Barbies and going to bed early

Eating Sunday lunch on Saturday night.

Kids having fun!
Fondest Fancies and Thornton's chocolates.

We wrote an acrostic poem for Valentine's day, at first we started off writing a very sweet poem. Geoff thought it was too sugary and talked about how poems can start from a different angle and then change. So here is the second version of our Valentine's poem:

Very annoying,
Always think you're right,

Loving you is hard,

Everything is the same,

Never saying Thanks,

Time going by,

I imagine life without you,

Not the same,

Every annoying thing about you I love!

By The Holmes Family.

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