Friday, 11 February 2011

Remembering why...

On a very cold Wednesday we went down to the reservoir for a picnic. We picked up hot snacks from our local bakery and headed for our favourite spot, by the ducks. It was peaceful and we sat on the bench for ages chatting, laughing and drinking hot chocolate.
And then suddenly it all came flooding back to me, the reasons why we home educate. Sometimes in the middle of winter it can be difficult home educating, it's not always easy. But sat on a bench in the freezing cold, all the reasons why came flooding back.
In twenty years time, my kids aren't going to come upto me and say "Mum, I'm just thinking about that page in the workbook, where we filled in the boxes".
But hopefully they will say, I remember the time we had a picnic in the cold, or the time we went for a wild wet walk, the time we had a bonfire in the snow...
These are the things that shape their charcter.

After our picnic, we ended up with two half eaten cakes, one pink, one white. Mima said "I wonder if ducks like pink cakes better than white". So we tested it out.

So we set out the pink and white cakes. We must have looked very strange to the passing people, setting out the cakes with such precision!

One duck approached the pink cake and turned away. After a while Mima decieded the cakes should be in the water. So we placed the cakes in the water.
and the ducks ate them regardless of the colour!

What can we conclude from this experiment?
Not sure, but we had so much fun and laughed till our sides ached.
And then back home we went for our French lesson.

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