Sunday, 21 November 2010

First Fungus Hunt Of the Year

Our fungus hunting never took off in the same way as it did last year. We managed a couple of walks. The best spotting session was at Wombwell Woods. Using the Usbourne spotters guide, we set about identifying...

Our first positive identification (or so we think!) ochre brittlegill
Not sure what these are.
Bay bolete, dark brown cap that feels velvety when dry, sticky when wet.
Yellow pores turn blue when bruised.

Not sure what this is.
At last we found bracket fungus!
Razor strop or birch bracket. The flesh of this bracket was once used for tinder for lighting fires, as ink blotter and to stop wounds bleeding!

Time for a break -Terabithia style

Two very unclear photos of candlesnuff fungus
Common earthball, black centre indicates it is mature.

Jelly ear
Very pretty, but not sure what they are

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