Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Meekats, buns and French

The naked rat, which Reuben calls the 'pig rat'

We started our day, with what was meant to be just a quick look at the Meerkats, but this turned into a 90 minute look around Wigfield farm. I don't get to the farm that often, Geoff takes Reuben and Rosanna most weekends. So we really enjoyed looking at all the new animals and enclosures.
First to the small animal room.
Then the aquatics.
Our favourites at the moment, the Meerkats.

Mrs Piggy with really wild naughty piglets
Mrs Piggy, the mother who obviously follows Gina Ford!
All piglets down for a nap in their own room.
One little piglet in it's own pen.
New rabbit enclosure.

Donkys and a rescued goat.
Young pigs which are being weaned.

Then back at home we made chocolat buns and then Imogen and Jemima had their first french lesson with new tutor.

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