Wednesday, 12 December 2012

December deja vu

Our car broke down, beyond repair, back in September, which has prevented us getting to Spanish. On Monday we managed to start Spanish lessons again closer to home. And I was really excited when they learnt this song...

It's popular in the miniclubs of Spain and the Canary Islands. When Imogen and Jemima were little, we had a good run of winter holidays in that part of the world, and fully participated in the miniclub! While I got excited at the song, the girls looked at me blankly - nothing, no memory.



No memory of the lovely winter holidays we took. But I sat happily through the Spanish lesson, and if we'd have had cocktails, I could have been in Spain!
Hearing the song really evoked happy memories for me. A song we'd not heard or thought of for years, but for two weeks each year it had dominated our lives.

Christmas time, is particularly a time of memories. For me I love to find old Jim Reeves Christmas songs on you tube. When I was young we had a Jim Reeves Christmas tape that came out every year, it wasn't really Christmas until we'd played the tape!
One of my favourite's...

For my family it's not Christmas until...
Rudolph appears in the garden!

I love this time of year, remembering past family Christmas and also creating memories in the process.
The song of Christmas 2012 for me and the kids is...
Funny thing is we only know the first line, but we sing it with great gusto!!!


  1. It's always interesting to me what kids do and don't remember from when they were little. I do love your Rudolph!

  2. Ah yes, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, isn't it? :))

  3. What a delightful post for the letter "D".

    I think Rudolph is deliciously festive!

    And your song choices are divine!

    Thank you for linking.




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