Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dietary requirements of Rudolph

Today we made reindeer food, ready to sprinkle on Christmas eve...

 Porridge for slow release energy on the long journey,

 bran, for natural dietary fibre,

 coloured sugar,
In the past we've added glitter, but recently read that this is not good for birds
 and coloured strands for an energy burst to help the reindeer fly away.

 Mix in a bowl.

 Place in a cellophane bag, add ribbons and a message.
There are special messages available on the internet to print, but the children wrote poems. Imogen and Jemima wrote an acrostic poems and Reuben wrote a new verse to 'when Santa got stuck up the chimney'.

Sprinkle on your garden on Christmas eve...

and the smell of the oats and the glitter of the sugar 
will guide Rudolph to your garden.

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