Sunday 23 December 2012

Carols galore

On Wednesday, we went to Sheffield Cathedral to the 'carols galore' service.
Afterwards we had a wander around the cathedral, in the busy city centre, the peace and tranquillity in the cathedral feels very special.

 The Nativity scene.

 We lit candles and thought about the children who wouldn't be spending Christmas with their parents, the children in America who have lost their lives and April Jones, the little girl in Wales still missing.

 This is the new steel nativity scene, baby Jesus will arrive on Christmas day, and will be held by Joseph. Which is different from most nativity scenes.

I hope we get to go back to the cathedral to see the complete scene, 
with baby Jesus and wise men.


  1. Just hopping around the blogring to wish you a Happy New Year.
    I adore hearing carols and seeing nativity scenes at this time of year.

  2. also hopping around the blogring to wish you a happy new year



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