Friday 13 May 2011

Been Missing You

No this is not a post about Blogger being down all day!  Beccy set off this morning, looking lovely in a new outfit and with a flower in her hair, to meet old University friends for a hen night.  It started early for a hen night and we are all hoping that she will be back again this time tomorrow!  

Jemima feels these things deeply and I'm glad I noticed that she had quietly taken herself off.  Sure enough she was in her bedroom sobbing but trying her best to find solace with her favourite playmobil.

We managed a trip out to Wentworth Castle Gardens and we have eaten and even done a little tidying.  But the day has felt a bit long and empty.

We all had a lump in our throat when Imogen realised she had laid the table for six and had to take a setting back to the kitchen. 

4 kids, 2 guinea pigs and a Daddy are waiting for the sun to come out again and for their family to be complete and happy once more.

But just in case you read this from someone's mobile internet device: Don't worry Beccy, we are fine, have a great time and see you tomorrow!


  1. Awww!!! I had tears reading that and I'm not even the mummy in question.



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