Saturday, 7 May 2011

Good Morning Garden

by Geoff and Rosanna

Most mornings Rosanna gets me up at about 6.30 am
and before I even get a chance for a cup of tea
she is organising my shoes and her coat ready for a trip up the garden.

As we climb up the steps we find that everything is covered in gold!

We fill up the chicken feeder
which hangs up in the polytunnel overnight to avoid attracting rats.
Then we say 'morning' to the hens.

Sometimes we go into the run for a bit
and Rosie points to the hens in turn
for me to pick them up so she can give them a stroke.
We check for any early eggs then go round and check the vegetables.

Maybe cut a few sticks of rhubarb for yet another delicious crumble.

Is the new grape vine making any progress?
I've been advised not to let it fruit this year so it spreads more quickly
but I'm not sure if I can resist leaving a few.

Runner beans ready to plant out but why are the top leaves on the tomatoes curling up?

A peep over into the field to see if the horses are about:

Hmm maybe I'll pop over later and collect some fresh horse manure
to speed up the compost heaps.

There isn't usually time to play
but Daddy has to make a quick check of the water butts system:
Rain please so I can set up all the syphons!

and admire his handiwork on the gate as we head back to make the porridge.

Not much manure left to shift but plenty of reclaimed bricks for future projects.


  1. What a wonderful environment for a child! My son has always done these kinds of activities with his daughter on his little farm in Tennessee. She is growing up with such a love of nature, and a good work ethic as well. A farm doesn't run itself!!!

  2. That was a fun romp through your garden!

  3. What an absolutely little piece of heaven you have right outside your door.

    This is a lifestyle I had when my children were young...and I wish I had it now.

    Perhaps I will live in a stone cottage with a small barn and a piece of land exactly like yours someday.

    That would, indeed, be heaven!

    This was a glorious visit.

    Thanks for letting us tag along with your morning walk!




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