Monday, 29 April 2013

World Snooker Championship 2013, Sheffield

Sheffield famous for ...


But for two weeks each year, 
the cameras move in as Sheffield becomes home to world snooker.

The winter gardens is where the commenters chat between each frame.

The presenters compiling notes ready to go live.
We managed to get to the front and get on Tv!

It was really interesting to see how the program comes together how the cameras move and work. I found the lighting really interesting, blue filters on the lights which shone on the presenters and audience and coloured filters shining on to the plants and surrounding area.

 Display boards showing the match results and prize money.

 Working out places on the World Snooker Tour Structure.

 Outside the chance to play street snooker.


I love home education days like this 
when we see and experience so many things organically in real life.

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