Monday, 18 April 2011

Dandelions, dandelions and more dandelions.

Today we hit the garden for a spot of weeding, almost 2 hours later I had cleared a small patch!
I've been trying to do some weeding each week, it's usually on a Sunday afternoon. A couple of hours in the garden and I feel so chilled and fully revived for the following week. But suddenly the Dandelions have taken off in a big way. I'm sure that for every dandelion I remove, ten more grow!
 But it's not all doom and gloom in the garden, so much it's sprouting and we have loads of Spring flowers too.

 Onion sets

 Veg patch and Rhubarb. We have so much Rhubarb, we are eating it every day!
 Gooseberry bushes

 View from the top of the garden into the horses field.

Isn't Springtime FAB!


  1. We're so lucky this spring with the kind weather - the rest of this week is set to be warm also - plenty of sunshine to get us all into the garden :-) Your garden looks lovely S X

  2. Yes! hooray for spring. Fantastic garden you have there. I love dandelions.



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