Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christmas 2010


Marks and Spencer advent calendar,

Sad little Multipla,

Decorating the tree, orange, black and silver,

Wrapping up presents, sticking on ribbons and bows,

Coconut mice, starry mince pies,

Cold frost, freezing days,


Half price turkey, 1p tree,


Fern frosted windows, rime everywhere,

The guinea pigs think that Granny is Santa,

flashing, dancing lights in the little garden.

Happy Christmas.

Treasure hunt in the morning,

Dolly dressing,

Barbie, Barbie, Barbie,

New table for Christmas dinner,

Carrot and Chesnut soup,

Turkey and all the trimmings,

Christmas pudding and…

Extra thick double double Jersey cream.

Is it time for a mince pie?

Or a pickled onion, Richard?

Hot mulled berry punch

Happy Christmas.

Boxing day bonfire

Turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey stir fry, turkey casserole, turkey liver, turkey gone!

Coughs, colds and calpol,

Next sale,

50% off, half price, must have,

broken garlands,

One more carol from classic fm,

Happy Christmas.

A poem written around the dining table, by Geoff, Rebecca, Imogen and Jemima Holmes.

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